Why Choose Swerve Design?

There are 10 reasons actually…

1. We’re there for you.

You have our attention. We don’t just give you one piece of your marketing puzzle and leave you to the wolves. We can provide full creative solutions from building your brand to showing you how to engage with your audience online and in print. We are your full service creative partner.

2. We’re not just creative – we’re strategic creative.

Before we start to sketch or click the mouse, a lot of thought goes into what we do. We understand your audience and we set realistic goals. We’ve learned a lot of things while creating over 150 websites in over 10 years and you get to leverage that expertise in the work we create with you.

3. We help you find your voice and make sure you are heard – loud and clear.

On the Internet, your audience has instant access to thousands of organizations – we make sure they can find you, understand what makes you so amazing, and inspire them to act.

4. We’re passionate about your business.

You say you’re great but we don’t just take your word for it, we want to have an intimate understanding of the soul of your business and what really makes you tick. We need to understand your business in order to create authentic communications that work.

5. We’re the real deal.

We’re not fake, misleading or full of sh…. um, ourselves. We’re easy to work with, always there for you and take a genuine interest in you and your business. We care about excellence, innovation and helping you succeed.

6. Layer-less.

The partners you meet in your initial meeting are the same people who pick up the phone, brainstorm the ideas, direct and execute the creative. We only present ideas we believe in and know we can properly execute and stand behind.

7. Surprise – No surprises!

We’re upfront and honest. We make sure the fit is right on both sides before we begin and we outline exactly what’s included in our pricing and set up a workback schedule so everyone is on the same page right at the start. This way we can all focus on creative and make the process enjoyable for all.

8. We’re open source.

We leverage existing open source application solutions and customize them to do what we want. We don’t lock you into proprietary or licensed applications.

9. We care about the environment.

We know the impact that design can have on our environment and we take that responsibility very seriously. We recommend sustainable alternatives and best practices. We also get involved on a personal level in our charity work and daily lives.

10. We guarantee our work.

We walk you through a discovery process that asks all the right questions to build a plan before we start your design. That plan is the foundation for all of our creative direction. You are involved in every step of the process and we collaborate to incorporate your input and complete a solution that works for you. You’ll love the results and if you don’t, we’ll work on it until you do.

What more could you ask for in a creative partner? Contact us to see how we can  help you today.