Online Annual Report DesignToronto Community Housing asked us to design their latest annual report.

The project goal was to create an interactive online annual report (as well as a downloadable PDF version) and improve readership since previous reports didn’t get a lot of traffic. 

We started by renaming it a Gratitude Report and encouraged more storytelling to appeal to more readers. We laid out the site as an interesting, single scrolling page so users didn’t have to use navigation (but included jump down navigation as shortcuts if users preferred), and changed the order of the information so the financial tables appeared at the end after the stories and visual information. We wanted to use authentic photos and videos and TCH found ways to work around Covid challenges to create the videos. We also used illustration and infographic presentation of statistics combined with simple animations to create an engaging reading experience.

See the report at and the downloadable PDF version is available at the bottom of the page.