Swerve designed and built a PDF collateral site for Hatch. When Hatch has an event anywhere in the world they would hand out several brochures and books on their specialized services. They found many users would not take them or if they did, they wouldn’t often keep them because it would fill their suitcase or be too heavy to carry a stack of booklets around. So we solved this challenge through a website design where a user could browse through their vast collection of marketing materials and select brochures they wanted and simply email a PDF to their email address so when they arrived back home they could download the brochures.

Hatch Brochure Web Site

Hatch now brings iPads to their events and allows users to send themselves the materials, or users can use their own mobile devices at any time to view the collection, preview the brochures and send it to their email for viewing at a later time. This also allows Hatch to collect data on the users and gives them the opportunity to opt-in for other online communications.