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We’re excited to learn more about your project and how we can help you succeed! Please review the information below or just jump right in and call David at 416-340-7766 x29 or

To initiate all projects we start with a Discovery & Planning session to gather information and ask questions to learn about your audience, expectations, resources and goals. We will do a brand audit (if any existing branding exists), competitive analysis and review of your primary messaging. For the logo, we’ll review possible creative directions for imagery, colour and fonts. For the web site, we’ll discuss goals, desired user experience, site messages, content site map, specific functionality, search engine keywords and internal resources for content updates. We will also confirm timelines, responsibilities and roles.

Your project is more than just the end product – it’s a combination of intelligent strategy, a proven process, creative epiphanies and gut reactions all stemming from a decade of expertise.
We don’t sell “off the shelf packages” or re-purpose the same ideas over and over again. Everything we build is custom tailored to meet your unique needs, goals and budgets. To give accurate pricing, we review your particular requirements and do a full project discovery meeting to nail down the goals and deliverables and provide a set price that works for your budget. Lots of variables impact budgets including number of meetings, complexity, functionality, content migration and more. Below are some general guidelines on our design fees. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll put together a custom tailored, no cost, no obligation quote that works for you.

Swerve's sample design pricing and fees

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