This year, more than ever, it’s important to stand out and let your staff, clients and prospects know what an amazing company you have! So, below is a great list of unique ideas that Swerve can put together for you this year!


1. Custom designed greeting cards. We can design and illustrate unique cards that include your branding – we can even include you staff’s faces and scan in your signatures so your wrist won’t cramp on the 200th card this year. How about a card that takes the shape of a star or snowflake? Or folds out like origami? We can design your card so it hangs perfectly as a tree decoration too!


2. Classic letterpress cards. Letterpress is that really cool printing that you can actually feel on the paper! The texture and quality are amazing and they are printed the old fashioned way on a 100 year old press – they really stand out from the mass digital glossy stuff.

OK. Printed cards are great. We especially like to print eco-friendly cards with FSC papers, veggie inks and more enviro options. Here are a few more ideas that go beyond the printed card:


3. Custom branded gift-wrap. Really? Ya, it’s pretty cool to see your brand wrapped around presents and we can create some seasonal designs to include your message, seasonal greeting or individual clients’ name on them. Or put your clients’ name and logo on it as a gift for them.


4. Wine with custom labels. Wine makes a great gift but why not personalize? We can design a custom label with a fun name and your branding. Will be a hit at any party too!


5. E-cards with flash animation. Another fun and environmental choice – we’ll design an interactive e-card that celebrates the season. We can also take care of the email e-blast for you too. Watch our sample


6. Greeting card Web page. How about sending out a link to a cool branded Web page where you can present your seasonal greetings and allow all your staff to post their personal message and let clients post their greetings back as well!


7. Fun Flash game. We can design and customize a fun interactive game (a quiz or skill challenge perhaps) with your company logo, people, building or product as part of the game. You can even offer prizes for top score, or to random players! Play our sample.

And a few more ideas to make your gift go that much further and support a charity or cause too!


8. Get clients involved in your donation. Let clients pick which charity you donate to this year. We can build a microsite for you where your clients are given their own customized login (sent in the greeting card or email). They visit your site and vote for which charity receives the highest percentage of your donation this year. See our sample (username: swerve password: greetings)


9. Sponsor a project in Africa. Send a thank you card to all your staff and clients and let them know you are doing this for them. We can arrange it all for you and send a photo of the finished gift with your company name on it after it is completed (makes a great follow up!) Our friends in Uganda can arrange a toy drop at an orphanage; build a well for a needy community, or other similar projects. See our sample.


10. Gifts that support a cause. We can provide beautiful handmade necklaces made by HIV patients in Africa. Each necklace is made of recycled paper and packaged in a gift box with a custom card telling the story. You can even include your own personal note thanking the recipient.

So, there are a few ideas to get you started for this year’s promotion. Talk to us and tell us what you want to do this year and we’ll create a unique seasonal promo for you that may not cost more than the packs of greeting cards and stamps you bought last year! Talk to us about your ideas right away so we can ensure it’s created in time for seasonal giving.